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Susano is a game enchancement that is triumphing current industry standards.

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Susano offers.. a winning solution.

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Packed with fun features!

Designed and packed with fun features! Immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience as you explore the dynamic array of entertaining functionalities that this product has to offer.


Safe gameplay

Always two steps ahead anti-cheat solutions that might disrupt your experience!



OBS & other major recording softwares are supported by our streamproofing!


Complexity made simple

We are confident that you will value the design of our software, as it offers ease of use and user-friendly functionality. This actively demonstates our commitment to simplicity and efficiency in every interaction.

The development team knew exactly what their objective was: to ensure the undetectability of our software on as much anticheat solutions as possible, prioritizing customer trust and safety..

.. and they delivered; Susano is PACKED with all sorts of circumventions to combat others that try to limit us.

Unfortunately even though Susano is powerful, no software on the market is capable with 100% accuracy combat all detection attempts, there is always a chance of getting caught!


You can pick from many of resellers on our discord!
.. or here directly on our website!
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